Rain or shine, Morgan County Fair will continue with events despite weather conditions

Rain or shine, Morgan County Fair will continue with events despite weather conditions

“The team effort is phenomenal, everything is falling into place,” Hadden said

Tuesday, July 9, 2024 marked the official start of the Morgan County Fair and even with the rainy conditions, volunteers on the grounds say events are still on.

Garry Hadden, chairman of the Morgan County Fair, said this isn’t the first time they’ve had to deal with a rainy day during fair week.

“We always seem to have a little bit of precipitation during our fair, this year it just happened to be the first part of it, but everyone just came together. We know we have a little bit of a detour, but the show goes on,” Hadden said.

Last summer the opening day was sunny and sunny, but this year the challenge is to ensure that the beauty pageant and talent shows go ahead.

“It’s a little daunting for the young ladies that are competing in the Pageant. They’ve been practicing on the big stage in front of the grandstand where a lot of their family and friends can be there,” Hadden said. “It’s just an amazing event up there on that big stage in front of so many people and family and friends. Unfortunately, they don’t have that experience, but they’re still going to have an experience.”

The aim of the day was to ensure that the young ladies from across the region were still in the spotlight on Tuesday evening.

And what about the heat?

While everyone was thinking about rain at the beginning of the week, intense heat is expected for the weekend. We asked how the fair plans to take care of their livestock during the hot summer days.

“We’ve rewired almost all of our facilities there. Everybody knows you have to bring fans, everybody knows we have plenty of water, and so forth. 90 percent of our cattle leave Saturday afternoon,” Hadden said

And since most of the cattle will be off the property before Sunday, Hadden doesn’t think the heat will be a problem.

If you missed the funfair on Tuesday due to the bad weather, there are still plenty of events for the whole family to enjoy the rest of the week. On Wednesday evening there is a special event ‘Salute the Troop’, where tanks from the Second World War will show their firepower.