Centenarian urges Soludo to respect zoning plans in Anambra community kingship battle

Centenarian urges Soludo to respect zoning plans in Anambra community kingship battle

Onyekwe Akwuba, 125, the eldest man in Nteje community in Oyi Local Government Area of ​​Anambra State, has called on the Governor, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, to use his good offices to intervene in the succession process in his town.

Akwuba alleged that some powerful people in the town want to overturn the long-standing zoning scheme of the community’s king’s seat.

He advised the Governor and other relevant authorities to ensure that the long-standing zoning regulations are adhered to, which only allow candidates from the Ifite-Nteje community to run for the throne and produce the next monarch.

At a press conference held by the Ifite Nteje community over the weekend, the centenarian stressed that according to the zoning plans, Ifite-Nteje has the right to produce the town’s next monarch, just as the other two neighbourhoods, Ezi and Ikenga Nteje, have produced monarchs in the past.

He made this passionate appeal during the well-attended press conference, which was well attended by community elders, women, youth and all stakeholders from the community.

He stated that the appeal was filed against the backdrop of an alleged move by a member of the neighbouring Ikenga-Nteje village, the ward where the town’s last monarch, the late Roland Odegbo, hailed from, to hijack the selection process and declare himself the new monarch of the community.

South East PUNCH The centenarian and other members concluded that the Nteje community consists of nine villages and that it is Ifite-Nteje’s turn to produce the next monarch.

They said three zoning districts, Ezi-Nteje, Ikenga and Ifite-Nteje, produce the monarch, according to the succession scheme as stipulated in their town’s constitution, and that no one should curtail it.

Akwuba said: “We appeal to Governor Soludo to disregard any move or gesture to frustrate the will of the people, which will cause confusion and breed anarchy in the entire city.

“The truth that I know from my long years in this world, which I understand is not by my power but by the grace of God, I want Governor Soludo to listen to me because what I am telling him is the whole truth about the kingship of Nteje. In our town, we have no problem with who should come out.

“We have three destination quarters that produce monarchs in succession plans. We have Ezi-Nteje, they had their turn through the late HRH Samuel Nnaemeka (Abogu I). Our last monarch, HRM Roland Odegbo Abogu II who passed away recently, was from Ikenga, so it is now the turn of Ifite-Nteje to produce the Igwe according to our succession plan as it is in our town constitution and nobody is allowed to cut it off.”

The Chairman and Assistant Chairman of the Ifite-Nteje elders, Mazi Ughamadu Amakom and Uchenna Ezinwa respectively, recounted the history of kingship in the town and how the town has done so without any hitches in the past.

They blamed what they called selfish individuals, who are enemies of the city’s progress and peaceful existence and who are out to curtail zoning regulations.

The duo said: “These disgruntled individuals will not succeed. The true position is that it is the right turn of Ifite-Nteje to produce the next monarch as any right-minded indigene of the community understands.

“The people of Ifite-Nteje have capable people to lead the town as king, there will be more development in the town once someone from the village takes over as the new monarch. They are doing this through the land grabbers who have invaded our community and we have also used this opportunity to warn land grabbers to stay away from the village as our lands are not for sale.”

All the candidates for the monarch throne – Chief Charles Ughamadu Odili, Ichie Bar, Dave Enuagha, Clement Nwoye and Martin Ofokansi – agreed that the kingship of the town is the exclusive right of their Ifite-Nteje ward as specified by the existing zoning scheme for the selection of the new monarch for the town.

They warned that no one would deprive them of their right to aspire, and that they wanted troublemakers and land grabbers to refrain from doing anything that would cause trouble in the community.

Another community member and the Chairman of the Igwe Selection Committee, Paulinus Ikechukwu Obichukwu, appealed to Governor Soludo to listen to the voices and sentiments of the people and intervene to ensure that the assets of the entire people are not truncated by a few disgruntled and selfish individuals in the town.

Two female community leaders, Mrs. Nwude Nwoye and Mrs. Nkiliuwa Justina Eboh, advised the participants and community members to walk the path of peace so that the community could move forward.