Kanye West Reveals He’s ‘Retiring From Professional Music’

Kanye West Reveals He’s ‘Retiring From Professional Music’

Controversial rapper Kanye West appears to have revealed plans to retire from “professional music” amid a flurry of lawsuits against him.

The rapper’s comments about his departure were revealed in a text message from fellow musician Rich The Kid, who asked why West was leaving the music industry.

Kanye West made a major musical comeback this year with the release of the album “Vultures 1”, a collaboration with rapper Ty Dolla Sign. The album topped the charts and broke multiple records.

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Kanye West retires from ‘professional music’

Kanye West wears a black hoodie

On Tuesday, rapper Rich The Kid shared a screenshot of a text message between him and West, in which the Yeezy founder claimed he plans to “quit” “professional music.”

West said, “I’m retiring from making music professionally,” adding, “I don’t know what else to do.”

His words stunned Rich The Kid, who wondered why West wanted to quit music.

“Retired? Why? How? The people NEED you, the music that you and Ty and us have made so far in 2024, the BIGGEST POST in culture,” said Rich The Kid.

He continued: “Let Ye know what I mean by V2 and we’ll start it all over again. The kids need you, big bra, fasho, maybe some time to relax, but retirement is not it.”

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Social media reacts to news of Kanye West’s retirement

West’s decision to leave the music industry divided people on social media. While some celebrated, others were disappointed, especially those who were expecting the release of Volumes 2 and 3 of his music project “Vultures.”

Someone said: “My goat (is) retiring with Vultures as his last album. Please say sike (right now).”

Another wrote: “As a fan I’m happy for him if it’s true. He owes nothing to fans and the ‘music’ industry. Healing and focusing on his well being is best achieved by him quitting the music/fast life.”

“I think it would be best for Kanye to take a long break to calm down and get some rest, and then come back to making music at his own pace,” a third person said.

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Another said: “As sad as it is, it’s even sadder to see how he’s gone downhill over the last few years. He definitely needs to stop doing this or at least get help.”

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Kanye West’s Album, ‘Vultures 1’ Was a Success

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Following the release of West’s highly anticipated collaborative music project, “Vultures,” the album was unexpectedly removed from Apple Music and iTunes, where the track “Carnival” previously held the top spot on the Top 100: Global chart.

According to Billboardthe distributor was actively working to remove the album from all streaming platforms, reportedly because West had uploaded it without proper permission.

Despite streaming issues, the album shot to number one in 100 countries. Spotify removed the track “Good (Don’t Die)” due to copyright infringement claims from the estate of legendary singer Donna Summer, but the remaining tracks remained accessible on the platform.

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The album, titled “Vultures 1”, served as the first part of a trilogy, with subsequent releases yet to come. “Vultures 2” was originally set to be released in March; however, the album was delayed until May, but it still remained unreleased.

The album’s success is said to have saved his marriage to Bianca Censori

Kanye West's wife Bianca Censori goes nearly naked in a string ensemble with only a stuffed cat as the duo cause a stir at Miami's LIV nightclub.

West and his wife, Bianca Censori, reportedly experienced a renewed sense of marital bliss following the success of “Vultures 1.”

The controversial couple are said to have endured a tumultuous period in their marriage, including a public disagreement over West’s anti-Semitic comments, with Censori questioning her husband’s behavior.

According to sources, their relationship was “hanging by a thread,” which is why she didn’t show up to support her husband at his event and afterparty in New York on February 9.

The insider who with the Daily mail said: “She knows (what) everyone thinks of her husband – and his recent outbursts made her question everything.”

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However, the insider noted that the album’s success rekindled their bond, adding, “But then, all of a sudden, his album is a success and she’s a loving, adoring, supportive wife again.”

The rapper may be quitting music to focus on his Yeezy porn company

Kanye leaves restaurant e.baldi with a smile after dinner with friends

West announced his retirement after revealing his plans to start a new company related to the adult entertainment industry.

The rapper reportedly wants to start his own professional porn studio and appears to have already entered into negotiations with his partners.

In April, TMZ quoted a Yeezy rep as saying that West had been toying with the idea of ​​starting his own porn studio and brand for a while and that he’s now doing everything he can to make that dream a reality.

He has reportedly reached out to Stormy Daniels’ ex-husband Mike Moz to ask him to start a studio called “Yeezy Porn,” which would become part of the broader adult entertainment division of parent company Yeezy.

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Moz seems to know the ins and outs of the porn industry, having worked as a producer for over a decade, as well as doing casting and art direction in the porn industry.