Idaho Food Bank Receives ‘Super Milk’ That Lasts for Months

Idaho Food Bank Receives ‘Super Milk’ That Lasts for Months

MERIDIAN, Idaho — To help people facing food insecurity, Chobani developed “Super Milk,” a dairy product that can stay on the shelves for months. He saw a need for more protein-rich products at food banks.

  • ‘Supermilk’ is currently not sold in stores, as it is intended for donation.
  • According to the Idaho Foodbank, approximately 14 percent of children in Idaho are food insecure.
  • The long shelf life of this dairy product means more people in need can be fed.

(Broadcast transcript)

The ‘Supermilk’ is said to contain 50% more protein and 25% less sugar than traditional cow’s milk… a welcome product for local food banks.

“And it’s shelf stable, meaning it can sit on the shelves of a small church basement pantry for nine months,” Dittrich said.

Becca Dittrich tells me that families dealing with food insecurity often add water to their gallon of milk to make it last longer… and this new, donation-only product hopes to fill the gap they see, “the incredible need we’re seeing in Idaho right now for people who are hungry and need help.”

Shoppers won’t find this product in their local grocery store… On Tuesday morning, the Chobani team delivered thousands of boxes of this donation-only dairy product… I even got the chance to try it myself. I approved!

I asked their team how this product has such a long shelf life and is therefore safe to drink.

“It uses what’s called Ultra High Temperature, UHT, technology, which essentially blasts it with super high heat for a short period of time, which kills any bacteria that might be growing,” Dittrich said.

According to Idaho Foodbank, approximately 14% of children in Idaho experience food insecurity. This new product will help meet the need for more dairy products at local food banks.

“And to have an option for them that doesn’t require refrigeration means the world. And it really ensures that that access is provided across the state for all of our neighbors who are experiencing food insecurity,” said Randy Ford, the food bank’s president and CEO.