Samsons agri farm is a pioneer in a new era of sustainable agriculture – Markets

Samsons agri farm is a pioneer in a new era of sustainable agriculture – Markets

ISLAMABAD: Samsons Agri Farm, a leading agricultural company, has ushered in a new era of sustainable agriculture in Pakistan by transforming arid and sandy land into lush green fields, revolutionizing Pakistan’s agricultural landscape.

Mohammad Ur Rehman, Executive Director Samsons Agri Farm told Business Recorder on Tuesday that the group has deployed modern technology including installation of a centre pivot irrigation system that ensures efficient water use and helps convert barren lands into productive agricultural fields. This technology improves crop yields and saves precious water resources.

The implementation of advanced technology is a remarkable transformation and a major milestone in the country’s agricultural history, especially with the large-scale cultivation being implemented for the first time in the country. We are proud that our farm is environmentally friendly and more than 90% of the energy comes from solar energy, which contributes to environmental sustainability. A team of local and international professionals manages the farm, he said.

Samsons Agri grows Rhodes grass, alfalfa, rapeseed, sesame, wheat and millet, in addition to fruits and vegetables, organic farming and medicinal crops.

One of Pakistan’s major cash crops is tobacco, which generated over $10 million in exports last year. It is now being successfully grown on this land. In an effort to promote environmentally friendly agricultural practices, Samsons Agri Farm has adopted sun-drying techniques for tobacco production, which is a departure from traditional flue-drying methods. This shift eliminates the use of firewood, thereby conserving forests and minimizing environmental degradation. The large-scale tobacco farming initiative is poised to provide significant economic benefits to Pakistan. By generating significant foreign exchange, this project will strengthen the national economy and enhance the country’s agricultural exports. In addition, the initiative has created numerous employment opportunities, especially empowering women, as over 90% of the workforce is female. This focus on gender inclusivity not only supports local communities but also drives socio-economic development across the region.

“We are proud to lead this transformative project, which not only advances agricultural innovation but also drives environmental sustainability and social empowerment,” said Mohammad Ur Rehman.

Samsons Agri also has a large herd of animals (cows, buffalos and sheep) which will soon increase to 10,000 animals. The farm is engaged in fattening and breeding of animals for export of meat and dairy products. The waste from animals is an important source of organic fertilizers and biogas for energy use.

The farm has also signed a contract with a large commercial organisation to grow 500 hectares of barley.

Muhammad Ur Rehman added that the group remains grateful to SIFC, the Government of Pakistan and the Pakistan Army for their support in improving the agricultural sector, for the benefit of Pakistan’s food security and to earn much-needed foreign exchange through the export of agricultural produce and meat products.

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