‘It Hurts’: Internet Reacts as ‘RIP Cartoon Network’ Sets Online Trends

‘It Hurts’: Internet Reacts as ‘RIP Cartoon Network’ Sets Online Trends

Cartoon Network became the first 24-hour cable channel to specialize in animation when it debuted on October 1, 1992. 32 years later, #RIPCartoonNetwork is trending on X (formerly Twitter). The trend started when an X account named Animation Workers Ignited posted an animation declaring that “Cartoon Network is essentially dead.” The report also claimed that other animation companies were facing similar problems, particularly due to cutbacks in the industry. For viewers and cartoon fans alike, the news of the channel’s closure came as a surprise and shock. However, the creators have not issued an official comment on the matter.

The animation stated: “Cartoon Network is essentially dead and other major animation studios are not far behind. What happened to all the animation staff?”

The video goes on to say that despite the fact that the sector has been working during the pandemic, a record number of people are unemployed, with some having been out of work for over a year.

When COVID first hit, animation was one of the few entertainment mediums that could continue producing work uninterrupted because it could be done entirely remotely.

But as the video claims, studios paid them back by canceling projects, outsourcing work, and firing artists en masse. The video blamed these problems on greed, saying that major studios shored up their finances by cutting spending and hiring fewer staff.

Fans were encouraged to use the hashtag #RIPCartoonNetwork when tweeting their favorite Cartoon Network episodes and to follow the account for additional ways to support the cause.

The clip has been viewed 5 million times so far.


In the comments section, users began posting short clips from their favorite episodes.

One user posted a clip and commented: “Courage The Cowardly Dog will always be a favorite! It’s very sad to hear that the animators were treated so poorly and hopefully they find work soon!”

Another user wrote: “It really is the end of the era of Cartoon Network’s iconic childhood memories.”

“It would hurt if Ngl Cartoon Network were to cease to exist,” one comment read.

As the hashtag gained popularity, speculation spread that Cartoon Network would close for good. However, these claims are untrue.

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  • It’s important to note that the animators’ union account, Animation Workers Ignited, is highlighting the issues facing workers in the industry by using the hashtag #RIPCartoonNetwork.

    There is no talk of the channel itself closing. In 2022, Cartoon Network Studios and Warner Bros. Discovery merged to streamline their organizational structure, requiring development and primary production teams to work together, Vulture said in an internal document.

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