New children’s book “Tess McBest is Stressed!” by Cheryl McGrory

New children’s book “Tess McBest is Stressed!” by Cheryl McGrory

New children’s book “Tess McBest is Stressed!” by Cheryl McGrory

“Tess McBest is Stressed!” by Cheryl McGrory has been released worldwide. This fresh and fun 23-page children’s book tells the story of young Tess, who discovers that her shoes are embarrassingly smelly just as she is about to meet a friend for a bike ride. Not knowing what to do, Tess becomes stressed and panicked. She soon learns that asking her mother for help can set things right and she is able to enjoy a fun day with her friend.

With vibrant illustrations and fun rhymes, Cheryl McGrory presents a relatable scenario and a great lesson for kids about how to reach out to an adult when they have a crisis, no matter how small. Through Tess, young readers will see that their parents may have solutions to problems that children don’t know about, and that asking for help can provide relief from stress and worry.

The story is intentionally lighthearted, but provides an important reminder to both children and adults about honesty, sharing struggles, and reaching out to those who need it. Tess’s mother has an instant solution to her smelly shoe problem, and children who enjoy this book may be surprised at the problems their parents can solve, too!

Perfect for kids ages 3 to 7, this delightfully silly tale is inspired by the author’s childhood with three active siblings and all the smelly shoes that piled up outside their front door. By turning that experience into an entertaining, educational children’s fiction story, McGrory offers an engaging way for families to talk about asking for help—and a lesson in dealing with smelly shoes, too.

Tess McBest is Stressed! (ISBN: 9781962987783) can be purchased at retailers worldwide, including Barnes and Noble and Amazon. The paperback costs $12.99 and the e-book costs $2.99. Review copies and interviews are available upon request.

From the back:

Tess is so excited! She gets to ride her bike over to her friend’s house to play, but when she gets her shows, she realizes that they stink. “They stink so bad she lets out a scream!” Now Tess isn’t excited, she’s stressed! How is she going to fix this embarrassing situation? Follow Tess in this fun rhyming book as she figures out how to help. Could the answer be right in front of her? This book is the perfect story for kids ages 3-7.

About the author:

I was born in Omaha Nebraska and attended the University of Arizona before moving to San Diego. After working in marketing in the medical field for a few years, I got married and had three children. They are now grown and I am happy to be a grandmother of five young children.

After reading countless children’s books and experiencing the joy it brought to all of us, I was inspired to write one myself. What better legacy could there be than a book that puts a smile on someone’s face.

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