Tax Incentives & Benefits of Investing in a Heat Pump for Your Home |  WTAJ

Tax Incentives & Benefits of Investing in a Heat Pump for Your Home | WTAJ

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EBENSBURG, Pa. (WTAJ) — Jared Barber, marketing manager of LINK Heating and Cooling stops by to share some information about tax break incentives and other benefits that homeowners can receive by having a heat pump in their home.

What Does Ductless mean?

  • To understand what we mean when we say “ductless” system, we must know a little history​
  • To the left, you will see a “first generation” ductless system​
  • One indoor unit on the wall, connected to one outdoor unit with electrical and copper piping​
  • There was no need for ductwork in this application and thus coined “ductless”​
  • Due to advancements in technology and demand for these types of systems we now have more customization​
  • Today, we can have up to 12 indoor units connected to one outdoor unit​
  • There are more options than a wall unit, which will be covered next​
  • The “ductless” systems can even support ductwork which can be installed in your basement or attic​
  • Most systems have a heat pump, which we will discuss​
  • Today, when we say “ductless” we are usually referring to a system that will have multiple indoor units and one or more outdoor units​

There are different styles that a homeowner might chose to go with. For example, a cassette style (ceiling, floor or wall mount. It’s a dependent on the customers preference and personal style choice for their space.

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