2024 MLB Draft: Top 150 College Prospects

2024 MLB Draft: Top 150 College Prospects

David Seifert
Director of College Scouting

2024 MLB Draft: Top 150 College Prospects

While our latest rankings of college prospects eligible for the 2024 draft include a number of postseason helium risers since our last update on May 1, little has changed at the top. Two-way talent Jac Caglianon remains anchored at number uno with Aussie Travis Bazzana a razor-thin, narrow second. Unlike last year’s draft, when we Dylan crews for Paul Skenes In our latest rankings, Cags has maintained his spot at the top throughout this draft cycle. Hear why we stayed the course with Cags over other excellent options, including Charlie Condon, Pursuit burns and a now healthy JJ Wetherholt who jumped from No. 7 to No. 3.

Others in the top 50 who made big leaps include: Hiker Janek from no. 17 to no. 9, Christian Moore (no. 20 to no. 13), Cam Smith (no. 26 to no. 16), Kyle DeBarge (no. 37 to no. 20) and Ryan Waldschmidt (no. 75 to no. 26).

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1 Jac Caglianon 1B/LHP Florida
2 Travis Bazzana 2B Oregon State
3 JJ Wetherholt SS West Virginia
4 Charlie Condon 3B Georgia
5 Pursuit burns RHP Awake Forest
6 Hagen Smith Left handed Arkansas
7 Nick Kurtz 1B Awake Forest
8 Braden Montgomery BY Texas A&M
9 Hiker Janek C Sam Houston State
10 Trey Yesavage RHP East Carolina
11 James Tibbs 1B State of Florida
12 Carson Benge OF/RHP State of Oklahoma
13 Christian Moore 3B Tennessee
14 Malcolm Moore* C Stanford
15 Sea King BY Awake Forest
16 Cam Smith* 3B State of Florida
17 Jurrangelo Cijnte* BHP State of Mississippi
18 Brody Brecht RHP Iowa
19 Jonathan Santucci Left handed Duke
20 Kyle DeBarge SS Louisiana-Lafayette
21 Kaelen Culpepper SS Kansas State
22 Billy Amick 3B Tennessee
23 Dylan Dreiling* BY Tennessee
24 Ryan Waldschmidt BY Kentucky
25 Vance Honeydew BY North Carolina
26 Caleb Lomavita C Calm
27 Tommy White 3B LSU
28 Jacob Cozart C NC stands
29 Lucas Holman RHP LSU
30 Ryan Johnson RHP Dallas Baptist
31 Ryan Forcucci RHP UC San Diego
32 Chris Cortez RHP Texas A&M
33 Gage jump Left handed LSU
34 Aiden Mei RHP Oregon State
35 Bryce Cunningham RHP Vanderbilt
36 Griff O’Ferrall SS Virginia
37 Ben Hess RHP Alabama
38 Kevin Bazzell C Texan technology
39 Jared Thomas* 1B/FROM Texas
40 Blake Burke 1B Tennessee
41 Jalin Flores* SS Texas
42 Drawn beam RHP Tennessee
43 John Spikerman BY Oklahoma
44 Dakota Jordan* BY State of Mississippi
45 Payton Tolle Left handed TCU
46 Ryan Prager Left handed Texas A&M
47 Josh Hartle Left handed Awake Forest
48 Driver Holton Left handed Vanderbilt
49 Gage Miller 3B Alabama
50 Colby Shelton* SS Florida
51 Josh Kuroda-Grauer SS Rutgers
52 Tyson Buren RHP Kansas State
53 Khal Stephen RHP State of Mississippi
54 Connor Foley* RHP Indiana
55 Casey Kok BY North Carolina
56 Kavares Tears BY Tennessee
57 Driver Cunningham 1B East Carolina
58 Cole Mathis 1B Charleston High School
59 Peyton Stovall 2B Arkansas
60 Casey Saucke BY Virginia
61 Ethan Anderson C/1B Virginia
62 Sean Keys 3B Bucknell
63 Jacob Christian BY UC San Diego
64 Harrison Didawick* BY Virginia
65 Mike Sirota BY Northeast
66 Sam Antonacci 3B/SS Coast Carolina
67 Zack Stewart* BY State of Missouri
68 Eli Serrano* BY NC stands
69 Austin Overn* BY USC
70 Antonius Silva* SS TCU
71 Cole Messina C south carolina
72 Ryan Stafford C Cal Poly
73 Mack Estrada RHP Northwest Florida State JC
74 Nate Dohm RHP State of Mississippi
75 Carson Dorsey Left handed State of Florida
76 Jackson Kent Left handed Arizona
77 Thatcher Hurd RHP LSU
78 Corey Collins 1B Georgia
79 Derek Bender C Coast Carolina
80 Banks Tolley BY Appalachians state
81 Nick McLain BY State of Arizona
82 Josh Caron C Nebraska
83 Brady Tygart RHP Arkansas
84 Gage Ziehl RHP Miami
85 Daniel Eagen RHP Presbyterian
86 Michael Massey RHP Awake Forest
87 LP Langevin RHP Louisiana-Lafayette
88 Jacob Kmatz RHP Oregon State
89 Jay Wolvolk RHP Virginia
90 Brian Vacation RHP State of Oklahoma
91 Matt Ager RHP UC Santa Barbara
92 LeBarron Johnson Jr. RHP Texas
93 Dalton Pence Left handed North Carolina
94 Greg Farone Left handed Alabama
95 Brandon Neely RHP Florida
96 Greysen-Carter RHP Vanderbilt
97 Ryan Lambert RHP Oklahoma
98 Lucas Sinnard RHP Indiana
99 Mason Molina Left handed Arkansas
100 Emilien Pitre 2B Kentucky
101 Randal Diaz SS State of Indiana
102 Payton Green SS Georgia technology
103 Jonathan Vastine SS Vanderbilt
104 Cody Schrier SS UCLA
105 Derek Berg C Army
106 Ryan Campos C State of Arizona
107 Conner Ware Left handed Pearl River JC
108 Braden Davis Left handed Oklahoma
109 Griffin herring* Left handed LSU
110 Jared Spencer Left handed State of Indiana
111 Blake Wright 3B Clemson
112 Robert Heupwell 3B Saint Clara
113 Carson De Martini 3B Virginia Technology
114 Brent Iredale INF New Mexico JC
115 Will Taylor BY Clemson
116 Jared Jones* 1B LSU
117 Joel Dragoo BY Presbyterian
118 Rafe Perich 3B Lehigh
119 Award of Clipping C Campbell
120 Pike-perch Darby 3B UC Santa Barbara
121 Luis Hernández 1B State of Indiana
122 Marco Things BY State of Florida
123 Woody Hadeen SS UC Irvine
124 Ethan Gourson 2B UCLA
125 Matt Halbach 3B UC San Diego
126 Joseph Sullivan BY South Alabama
127 Lucas Hayden RHP State of Indiana
128 Josh Randall RHP San Diego
129 Charlie Beilenson RHP Duke
130 Charlie Goldstein Left handed Georgia
131 Tristian Smith* Left handed Clemson
132 Travis Smith RHP Kentucky
133 Jackson Appel C Texas A&M
134 Nate Knowles RHP Willem and Maria
135 Tanner Jones RHP Texas A&M
136 Brock Moore RHP Oregon
137 Luke Jewett RHP UCLA
138 Nate Ackenhausen Left handed LSU
139 Janzen Keisel RHP State of Oklahoma
140 Marcus Morgan RHP Iowa
141 Rodney Green Jr. BY Calm
142 Fenwick Trimble BY James Madison
143 Ari Armas C UC San Diego
144 Khadim Diaw OF/C Loyola Marymount
145 Aidan Majoor RHP West Virginia
146 Niko Mazza RHP Southern Miss
147 Brandon Clarke Left handed Florida State College
148 Evan Aschenbeck Left handed Texas A&M
149 Kyle Robinson RHP Texan technology
150 Mason burns RHP Western Kentucky
*indicates a sophomore who is eligible for the draft