Bandhan Bank CEO Chandra Sekhar Ghosh to retire: Rediff Moneynews

Bandhan Bank CEO Chandra Sekhar Ghosh to retire: Rediff Moneynews

Chandra Sekhar Ghosh, MD & CEO, Bandhan Bank, announces retirement after nine years. Ghosh thanks customers for their support and faith in the growth of the bank.

Kolkata, Jul 9 (PTI) Chandra Sekhar Ghosh, Managing Director and CEO of Bandhan Bank, has announced his retirement. He thanked the account holders for their support over the last nine years.

In a letter to the lender’s customers, Ghosh acknowledged their crucial role in the growth and success of Bandhan Bank, which has quickly emerged as one of India’s largest financial institutions.

“Bandhan Bank exists because of you and for you. You are our North Star,” Ghosh wrote in the letter, emphasising the central role of customers in the bank’s journey.

He was convinced that their trust and commitment were the driving forces behind the bank’s rapid expansion and success.

“Your trust in Bandhan Bank is the reason why it is one of the largest financial institutions in the country,” he said.

He expects the bank’s strong workforce of more than 76,000 committed employees and an experienced leadership team to continue to champion the bank’s core values.

When he stepped down, Ghosh expressed confidence in the bank’s future.

“The team stands behind the values ​​on which Bandhan was built and I am confident that it will take the bank into the next phase of growth, as it has done in recent years,” he said.

Ghosh assured his customers that Bandhan Bank, based on their faith and trust, will continue to flourish under its capable leadership.

He expressed his gratitude for their role in building an ‘impact institution’ and promised to continue to follow the bank’s progress with pride.

In his closing remarks, Ghosh thanked the account holders for the honour of serving them, emphasising the great impact they have had on his career and the success of the bank.

According to sources familiar with the matter, Ghosh will take up a senior position at Bandhan Financial Services, the promoter of Bandhan Financial Holding and Bandhan Bank.

In this new role, he will oversee Bandhan’s insurance and mutual fund businesses, in addition to the bank’s operations.

Bandhan Financial Services may hold a board meeting on July 10 to appoint Ghosh as executive director.

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