Best Small Towns in Michigan to Move to

Best Small Towns in Michigan to Move to

Not too long ago, the plan was to make a big move from a small town to the city. But these days, we’re tired of the craziness that comes with city life. According to the Census Bureau, Americans continue to leave big cities in droves, even more so than before the pandemic. With small-town living becoming increasingly appealing due to its lower costs and better lifestyle, you may be wondering which charming small towns or villages are worth considering moving to.

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Well, the team at High 5 Casino did some research to find out where everyone is going. They created the “Small Town/City Relocation Index,” which ranks 161 charming small cities and towns across the U.S. based on 22 key metrics. These metrics come from a combination of online rankings and Reddit discussions, and are grouped into four categories: “Essentials,” “Lifestyle,” “Housing,” and “Community.”

Among these top cities are three of Michigan’s gems. Each of these cities offers a perfect blend of charm and livability, providing a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The Small Town/City Relocation Index highlights these Michigan cities as ideal places for those seeking affordability, quality of life, and a strong sense of community. With their picturesque settings and vibrant local cultures, these cities showcase the best of modern-day small-town living.
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If you want to enjoy small town living, these are the three small towns in Michigan that people move to…

The 20th place in the country is… Frankenmuth

Credit: Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn Restaurant via Facebook

Credit: Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn Restaurant via Facebook

Although this charming town is known as a hotspot for Christmas tourism, it is a great place to live all year round. With a high Essentials score and lots of available properties, you will find it hard to miss the big city life with the charm of this small town.

Below are the top ten best small cities to move to in the country… Holland

Holland has it all: it’s on the lake, home to the Tulip Time festival, and has one of the most entertaining social media accounts in Michigan. If you’re looking for a crazy nightlife with lots of professional sports teams, this might not be for you, as they’re rated pretty low on the lifestyle score, but it’s perfect if you’re looking for a quiet life.

And the best town in Michigan is the second best town in the country… Petoskey

Nestled in tiny Traverse Bay, Petoskey is a perfect getaway in northern Michigan. It’s so good you’ll want to stay. They’re known for their unique colorful rocks that wash up on Lake Michigan, so if you’re a rock collector, there’s always something to hunt for.

Petoskey Stones


With water parks, art galleries, and more, there’s plenty to do in this small Michigan town. With some of the highest scores in all categories, the only thing you might be missing if you move here is some desire for a big city lifestyle. That’s why you move there in the first place.

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