TR/ST details new album, shares single ‘All at Once’

TR/ST details new album, shares single ‘All at Once’

TR/ST is the musical project of producer, singer and artist Robert Alfons. Alfons weaves a completely unique sonic tapestry and has captivated audiences for over a decade with his dynamic vocals, emotional lyrics and late night sensuality.

Now he’s released new single “All at Once,” along with the announcement of his next studio album, Performance, due out September 13th via Dais, his first full-length for the label. Performance sinks even further into the grimy synthpop psychodrama that Alfons pioneered and ultimately perfected in his evolution.

Recorded in Los Angeles, the songs seethe with fear, lust, reckoning and desolation, set against the backdrop of a thousand city dead-end streets. Alfons co-produced the collection with multi-talented composer and producer Nightfeelings, achieving a thick, smoky balance of eerie synths, smoke-machine low end and bruised, crooning vocals.

The title refers to a friend’s comment on Alfons’ inherently performative nature. The music moves between beauty and bitterness, anthem and angst, the sound of melancholy gone massive. Track after track, Alfons wields pop dynamics and brooding production wizardry as a weapon, winding through a list of hits. Throughout the album, there’s a sense of emotional turmoil raised to strange heights, tainted by guilt and ghosts and the memory of those wronged and those still unforgiven.

As a world unto itself, Performance is compelling, compelling and intoxicating, on the threshold of stirring and disturbing. Alfons’ voice is the anchor in the storm, singing a collage of impressions and confessions with a drawn-out, stream-of-consciousness logic. He is both spectator and instigator, performer and playwright, liberated by the stage and the night.

Performance Tracklist:

1 – Coming Soon
2 – Regret
3 – All at once
4 – The Coast
5 – Boys of LA
6 – Clown
7 – Dark day
8 – Performance
9 – Distort

TR/ST Live dates:

Sep 30: Prague, CZ – MeetFactory
Oct 2: Krakow, PL – Kamienna
Oct 3: Warsaw, PL – Progresja
Oct 5: Leipzig, DE – Conne Island
Oct 6: Munich, DE – Red Sun
Oct 7: Cologne, DE – Gebaude 9
Oct 10: Antwerp, BE – TRIX
Oct 11: Amsterdam, Netherlands in Melkweg
Oct 12: Paris, FR – L’Olympia
Oct 15: Berlin, DE – Festsaal Kreuzberg
Oct 17: Stockholm, SE – Slaktkyrkan
Oct 18: Oslo, NO – Parktheater
Oct 19: Copenhagen, DK – Loppen
Oct 23: London, England at Evolutionary Arts Hackney (EartH)

Photo Credit: Brent Goldsmith


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