Fintech Zaggle Founder, Mr. Raj N., wins the ‘Fintech Leader Of The Year Award’.

Fintech Zaggle Founder, Mr. Raj N., wins the ‘Fintech Leader Of The Year Award’.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, July 9, 2024: Raj N., Founder and Executive Chairman of Zaggle Prepaid Ocean Services Limited, has been awarded the prestigious “Fintech Leader of the Year” award at the BW Festival of Fintech Conclave & Awards 2024. This award recognizes his exceptional leadership, innovative strategies and significant contributions to the fintech industry.

Fintech Zaggle Founder, Mr. Raj N., wins the ‘Fintech Leader Of The Year Award’.

Raj is a serial entrepreneur and is known for his vision and dedication to continuous innovation and improvement. His strategy is centered around a culture of creativity, experimentation and learning within the organization. This helps to stimulate sustainable growth and ensures the development of new ideas and solutions.Continuous innovation and improvement are crucial to stay ahead and achieve sustainable growth,” said Raj N.

A key element of his approach is collaboration and integration across business functions and departments. By working closely with cross-functional teams including technology, marketing, finance and legal, he brought alignment and coordination to the execution of multiple business initiatives. This collaborative approach has streamlined processes, minimized duplication of efforts and accelerated time to market for new fintech products and services.

Raj emphasises the importance of agility in strategy, continuously monitoring the market, gathering feedback and being prepared to change when necessary.Strategy is a dynamic process that evolves to meet new challenges and opportunities“, he added.

Under his able leadership, several key initiatives have been successfully implemented with impressive results. For example, the introduction of new product lines, Zaggle Zoyer, resulted in a 32% increase in total revenue. He was instrumental in forming strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as RazorpayX and multiple banks, which led to a 25% increase in market penetration and a 20% growth in revenue from partnership initiatives.

Under his leadership, Zaggle was listed on both BSE and NSE in September 2023 and has since shown phenomenal results. It remains one of the few profitable fintech companies, with the last 17 quarters being profitable. In Q4 FY24, Zaggle’s net profit grew 1.5 times to Rs. 19 crore. The company has also signed over 650 partnerships in the past year.

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