Five Incredible Stories of Dogs Rescued from Dog Fighting – One Green Planet

Five Incredible Stories of Dogs Rescued from Dog Fighting – One Green Planet

Dog fighting is a brutal and illegal activity that leaves many innocent animals in desperate need of rescue and rehabilitation. Fortunately, there are dedicated organizations and individuals who are dedicated to saving these dogs from such horrible conditions. These dogs, rescued from dog fighting, have undergone incredible and inspiring transformations.

1. Liam’s Story

Source: The Dodo/Youtube

Liam, a pit bull, was shy and covered in wounds when he was found by Melanie and Kent Pafford of the Streetdog Foundation of Memphis. He was in desperate need of help after having been abandoned behind a dumpster after spending his life in a dog fighting ring. He had been used as bait. With time and lots of love, he was healed, taken in and then adopted by a wonderful family who treats him “like a king.”

2. The Stallone Story

Source: The Humane Society of the United States/Youtube

Stallone the pit bull terrier was rescued from a mass dog fighting raid in 2009 and was found in terrible condition. He had wounds on his face and body. He was taken to an emergency shelter along with hundreds of other dogs. Sadly, his wounds were so severe that he died. But his story is now being shared to warn others about the dangers of dog fighting. The person who victimized Stallone was sentenced to 24 months in federal prison.

3. The Criminal’s Story

Source: The Dodo/Youtube

This woman wanted to rescue a dog that needed help. She found that black dogs with cropped ears were less likely to be adopted and more likely to be euthanized. So when she looked at her local shelter’s website and saw Felon, she fell in love. At first, he showed some aggressive behavior from his previous life in dog fighting. But he quickly mellowed out and became the happiest pup.

4. The Knight’s Tale

Source: The Dodo/Youtube

Knight was found behind an ATM in Egypt, suffering from injuries sustained from dog fighting. One of these injuries required multiple surgeries. But Knight was still very sweet. After recovering in Egypt for a while, Knight went to Phoenix, Arizona, to a shelter that is looking to find him his forever home.

5. The Story of Honey

Source: The Humane Society of the United States/Youtube

Honey was rescued from a dog fight. Her living conditions were dark, according to the Humane Society. There were broken sticks and blood on the walls. Just outside the house was a shy little brown pit bull with a serious injury to her mouth. Fortunately, her rescuers stepped in to nurse her back to health and happiness.

The stories of these five rescued dogs serve as a powerful reminder of the resilience that animals possess, even in the most dire of circumstances. Thanks to the tireless efforts of rescue organizations and compassionate individuals, these dogs have been given a second chance at life, free from the cruelty they once endured. By sharing their stories, we hope to inspire others to support anti-dog fighting initiatives, adopt rescued dogs, and advocate for stronger laws against this barbaric practice.

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