US Presidential Election 2024: Donald Trump Stays Away From Debates Over Joe Biden’s Health

US Presidential Election 2024: Donald Trump Stays Away From Debates Over Joe Biden’s Health

As speculation mounts about Joe Biden’s health, Donald Trump is taking an unusual step toward restraint.

While his Democratic rival is having perhaps the worst week of his political career, the Republican candidate has resisted the temptation to publicly criticize him.

No tirade, no new murderous nickname: Donald Trump, not exactly known for being at a loss for words, has barely responded to the storm the Democratic president is experiencing over his candidacy.

He just bragged in a few posts on his Truth Social network that he “destroyed” his rival during their televised duel on June 27.

That Donald Trump is saying next to nothing is all the more surprising because the Republican is usually the first to attack the 81-year-old president about his health.

In one of his favorite campaign rally songs, the showman mocks his rival’s age. He plays an emaciated, helpless Joe Biden, unable to leave the stage, much to the delight of his fans, in the famous red cap.

And he says, “He can barely read, he can barely stand!”

His camp has been repeating for years that the American president is senile, using tendentious fabrications to support his claim.

In an interview with Fox News on Monday night, Donald Trump soberly criticized Biden’s performance during the debate, avoiding mentioning any serious illnesses or attacking his mental health.

He added that he was confident Biden would stay in the race.

“It was a strange debate because the first few minutes, the answers he gave didn’t make a lot of sense,” he said. The Republican said he didn’t look at Mr. Biden during the debate “except when he got a little distracted.”

Asked whether he thought Biden should resign, Trump replied: “Well, we’ve been preparing for him, but I don’t think it matters.”

‘Intentional’ silence

How can we explain this change in attitude?

Republican strategist Rob Burgess says the Republican candidate’s near-silence is absolutely “intentional.”

There are few options for Donald Trump, who was convicted in New York in late May, to distract from his legal troubles. Or from his still deeply unpopular positions on abortion.

“Why would you put yourself in the middle of a media storm if you don’t have to?” Rob Burgess, a member of Donald Trump’s campaign team in 2016 and 2020, told AFP.

Is it also possible that Donald Trump, 78, is holding back out of fear of facing a younger candidate than Joe Biden in November?

This is what David Axelrod, former strategist to Barack Obama, insinuated.

“Trump isn’t talking much about Biden’s bad debate. His campaign isn’t running ads about it,” he said. “Why do you think the reluctance?” he wrote, hinting at X.

See you in Milwaukee

Will Donald Trump, who is in Florida on Tuesday for one of his first campaign rallies since the debate, resist the temptation to imitate a struggling US president?

The Republican is expected to detail “how Joe Biden’s failed presidency has had catastrophic consequences for Floridians and Americans,” according to his entourage.

The event is scheduled for a suburb of Miami and starts at 7 p.m.

The Republican is expected to be joined on stage by Marco Rubio, an influential Florida senator who is on the list of three or four names Donald Trump is considering as his running mate.

Profiles of Senator JD Vance and Governor Doug Burgum are also circulating, and the Trump camp is expected to officially announce its choice in the coming days.

But here too, Republicans chose not to focus on the trench warfare Democrats are engaged in, four months before the presidential election.

Donald Trump’s running mate will be announced no later than next week, when the Republican Party convention begins in Milwaukee. This large gathering is a chance for Republicans to formally crown Donald Trump as the party’s nominee. And, once again, to gain a little bit of the spotlight.

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