Merseyrail three peak team smashes charity target – Birkenhead News

Merseyrail three peak team smashes charity target – Birkenhead News

A team of seven from Merseyrail have raised more than £11,000 for charity after completing the Three Peaks Challenge by train last weekend.

The Merseyrail team were transported by train to climb Snowdon, Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis. It is the 21st event that the Railway Children charity has organised and over the years thousands of pounds have been raised for deserving charities.

The money raised this year will go to the Railway Children foundation, which helps vulnerable children in need in the United Kingdom, India and Tanzania.

Chris Maher, Chief Financial Officer of Merseyrail and member of the Three Peaks Challenge team, said: “It was a fantastic event to be involved in and the fact that we travelled to each climb by train made it perfect for all of us, including the railway workers.

“The climbing was really tough, but the team helped each other out tremendously and knowing that so much money had been donated gave us all a huge boost of motivation.

“We would like to thank everyone who has donated so far, it is so kind of you all. The money can make a real positive difference to the lives of children around the world.” T

The Merseyrail team had a target of £8,000, but smashed that with £11,900 donated by over 100 backers. Railway Children’s national target for this year is £180,000, of which almost £150,000 has already been donated.

Every year, thousands of children in the UK, India and East Africa run away or are forced to leave their homes, their situation made unbearable by poverty, abuse, violence and neglect.

The Railway Children strives to get them help and support as soon as possible. Reaching a child as soon as possible is crucial to make contact before an abuser and before they end up on the streets.

The Merseyrail team supports Railway Children to protect these young people and prevent them from living alone and in danger on the streets. You can donate here.

Image: The Merseyrail Three Peaks Challenge By Rail 2024 team. Credit: Merseyrail

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