Rookie showrunner confirmed season 7 episode length (and individual events)

Rookie showrunner confirmed season 7 episode length (and individual events)

The Rookie Season 6 felt very different from previous seasons. There was more of a serialized event in the 10 episode season than ever before. That’s not how it’s going to be in season 7.

The short season was due to the summer strike. Like many other shows on TV, the seasons were shortened to make room for spring premieres and May finales. There was only a limited amount of time available for filming.

There will be no strike delay in the 2024-2025 season. While The Rookie Season 7 won’t premiere until 2025, it’s not a shortened season. Not by much anyway.

While I’m talking to TV LineShowrunner Alexi Hawley revealed that the season will have 18 episodes. This makes sense now why ABC said the show would premiere in the middle of the season and not have any breaks. We were a little worried that a lack of breaks in the schedule would mean that the premiere would be in March for 10 episodes. There’s a good chance we’ll get a February or even January premiere now that we know there will be 18 episodes to enjoy.

While sharing this, Hawley also talked about what the season will look like. There will be some serialized events, but the show is going back to the procedural format. We will have some standalone storylines for the characters, with criminals of the week that the police have to deal with.

Hawley believes that this is what fans like. That is certainly the case when you think about some of the fan favorite episodes. Fans loved the episodes with reality show-style filming or the one-off episodes with quirky criminals.

“I think we’re going to become more of a standalone show again with serial elements.”

There was even a teaser of a big guest star. We hope there’s another The Rookie: Feds crossover. While we got a little moment at the end of season 6, we’d love to see Simone return to give us all a catch up on where she is now with the FBI.

“Also, there are the many different ways that we tell stories — whether it’s big event episodes, romantic comedy episodes, episodes with a big guest star — so it’ll be fun to get back to that.”

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