The Art of Living’s bold mission to combat India’s water crisis

The Art of Living’s bold mission to combat India’s water crisis

Years before Moody’s recent warning about India’s vulnerability to water scarcity, The Art of Living was taking proactive steps to mitigate this serious threat to the country’s economic stability and creditworthiness.

Recognizing the severity of India’s water crisis, The Art of Living, under the leadership of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, has dedicated years of work to revitalizing depleted rivers and addressing water scarcity through innovative solutions. Through community-driven efforts and effective techniques, the organization aims to restore the natural hydrological cycle and improve the health of water bodies across the country.

The Art of Living’s River Rejuvenation Project has revived over 70 rivers, tributaries and streams across multiple states by building over 90,000 groundwater recharge structures. This has boosted biodiversity, groundwater levels and crop production, while also increasing land use, employment and farmer incomes.

A major initiative, the JalTara project, installs recharge structures in low-lying agricultural lands to ensure effective rainwater absorption. This has led to a 14-foot rise in the water table and significant increases in farm incomes and crop yields.

According to the Central Ground Water Board, areas that were previously critical are now considered safe, thanks to The Art of Living initiatives. This underscores the importance of sustainable water management, especially in light of economic growth and climate change.

Looking ahead, The Art of Living aims to expand its water conservation projects across the country. Donations to their cause can have a significant impact on India’s water future, ensuring economic stability and agricultural productivity.

(Disclaimer: With input from authorities.)