We ditched our house to live full-time in a caravan

We ditched our house to live full-time in a caravan

A COUPLE has shared an insight into how much it costs for him to live full-time in a caravan.

He revealed that he only has to pay £300 a month to stay on caravan sites, but admitted that there are lots of hidden costs.

Steve shared how much it costs him to live in a caravanCredit: You Tube/The Happy Travellers
He said thatCredit: You Tube/The Happy Travellers

Steve and Wendy, known as The Happy Travellers, often share details of their life living in a caravan online, and in one video, explained to viewers how much their lifestyle costs.

The duo travel around UK and Europe in their caravan, never staying in one place for long.

Taking to YouTube, Steve revealed that the couple have to pay to stay on a campsite each night, which averages at around £75 a week.

This equates to about £300 a month in “rent”.

Although this may seem like a good deal, Steve explained that there are a number of other costs to consider.

He explained that they often have to pay extra for their dog Pippin to stay on the site, although this is often only a few pounds.

When the couple moved into a caravan they bought a Wi-Fi dongle, which allows you to use the internet through 4G.

The couple were shocked by how quickly they ran out of internet, and kept having to buy more and more until they were spending £90 a month on Wi-Fi.

“It’s not great”, Steve said.

Steve added that the couple had to buy a large “thirsty car” to tow their caravan along with, and said that they spend an average of £85 every time they have to fill it up.

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When heating a caravan, Steve advised never to use gas, as it costs “far, far too much”.

He revealed that if you use gas in the winter, it will cost you a whopping £30 a week, so recommended using electric instead.

He said: “With an electric hookup you just pay once and use as much as you like.

“We don’t have to worry about the costs, as it’s already paid for”.

Tiny Homes FAQs

The tiny house movement began in the USA before gaining popularity in the UK.

What is a tiny home?

Tiny houses are small, fully-equipped living spaces designed to lead a more sustainable, off-grid lifestyle. Although they vary in size and shape, tiny homes tend to be between 15 and 50 square metres in capacity, made of sustainable materials and are easier — and cheaper — to maintain than traditional brick homes.    

Are tiny homes legal in the UK?

As long as the tiny house doesn’t exceed 19.8m x 6.7m in size, it is defined as a caravan in UK law. Therefore, tiny houses are classed as legal additional living space.

Can you get a mortgage for a tiny home?

The small size and relatively low cost of tiny houses means they’re not generally considered eligible for a mortgage. However, there are plenty of options to take out a loan to fund your dreams of the perfect, moveable home.

Steve explained that to afford their lifestyle, the couple use their savings, and do part-time work where they can.

He added that they often sell things they no longer need on Facebook Marketplace and eBay, to make some extra cash.

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