Dates and process for Gauteng online school admissions 2025 announced

Dates and process for Gauteng online school admissions 2025 announced

  • The admission period for pupils in grades 1 and 8 of schools in Gauteng for 2025 will commence on 11 July 2024.
  • Registrations close at midnight on August 12, 2024.
  • The Gauteng Department of Education emphasises that as long as parents register online and on time, their children can be assured of being placed in a school on time for the 2025 school year.

As the Western Cape’s 2025 online school admissions process wraps up, Gauteng has finally announced the launch of its own school admissions process for learners in grades 1 and 8. Gauteng MEC for Education Matome Chiloane was on hand at Noordwyk Secondary School in Midrand to introduce the system for the 2025 school year intake.

According to the MEC, online registrations will open on July 11, 2024 – this Thursday at 8:00 a.m. – and will remain open until midnight on August 12, 2024. Parents and guardians who wish to have new students in grades 1 and 8 must apply online for school placements in the provincial system.

Even if parents registered students through the system last year, they will need to create a new profile on the official Gauteng Department of Education website for school registrations this year.

Placement offers will be sent via text message on September 16, 2024. Measures are being taken to ensure that all students are placed for the 2025 school year.

Chilaone said the provincial education department has enrolled 400,000 students by the 2024 school year. Although the system had some teething problems in 2015, the year it was launched, it is now functioning smoothly.

However, the MEC stresses that students and parents must adhere to the admission procedures for online schools in Gauteng and time restrictions.

“All students who had completed their applications for this school year have been placed. All of them,” the MEC said, adding: “All children who compensated on time. Those children have been placed.”

Chiloane said the intake started late this year due to the general elections that took place in May, “which affected our planning” and “after the elections we had to set up a government.” This year’s admissions period started a month later than usual.

He reminded parents that the school choices they make are all considered “preferred schools” and that your child can be placed in any of them, not just the first one you choose. Parents should also not choose just one school, as this carries the risk that your child will not be placed in any school if that school is full.

They have to choose from three to five schools per child.

Finally, as every year, parents must upload a number of documents, including:

  • “Birth certificate or acceptable proof of date of birth,
  • Vaccination card,
  • Transfer card,
  • “Final report.”

If you are not a South African citizen, you will need the following:

  • “Study/work permit,
  • Temporary or permanent residence permit from the South African Department of Home Affairs,
  • Proof that an application has been made for permission to remain in RSA.”

For admission to a first school in Gauteng, for example for class R or class 1, information is also required about:

  • “Where other brothers and sisters are present,
  • Closest to the parent’s work address,
  • School of choice.”

Unlike the Western Cape, where the local education department promises to place learners in schools no matter what, Chiloane says the situation in Gauteng means your child will be placed as long as you register on time and correctly.

Parents with questions can contact the local branch contact centre, which will be open longer until the closing date in August.

(Image – Matome Chiloane on X)