Views wanted on Boundary Commission draft proposals for town and community councils

Views wanted on Boundary Commission draft proposals for town and community councils

The review of electoral arrangements in the Pembrokeshire Principal Council area undertaken by the Democracy and Boundary Commission Cymru has reached its next stage.

The Boundary Commission has today (9th July) published its draft proposals along with the representations received during the previous consultation and Pembrokeshire Community Review.

The proposals include changes to the number of communities in Pembrokeshire, as well as the number of councillors, and a number of changes to community boundaries, many of them minor.

The overriding aim is to provide for effective and convenient local government. Part of this is to ensure that representation on town and community councils is, as far as is practicable, similar across all community councils in Pembrokeshire. Currently there are huge variations, even across rural communities.

The Boundary Commission acknowledges that balancing the legislation with the representations received in October 2023 has been difficult.

County Councillor Neil Prior, Cabinet Member for Communities, Corporate Improvement, and the Well-being of Future Generations said: “We would like to thank the Town and Community Councils, organisations and individuals who took the time to make representations during the initial consultation, and thank the Commission for their work on the review so far.

“Now that there are clear proposals to comment on, I hope that anyone with an interest in local democracy and their community will make their voices heard during this second consultation.”

The Draft Proposals are out for consultation until Monday, 2nd September. All submissions will then be considered by the Commission, and final recommendations will be submitted to Welsh Government Ministers.

Welsh Government Ministers will then give effect to these recommendations either as submitted, or with modifications. Any changes made by Ministers will come into effect after the next local government elections in 2027.

The Draft Proposals, along with the representations, can be found on the Commission’s website (opens in new tab).