BT is holding events across Scotland in preparation for the switch from analogue to digital landlines

BT is holding events across Scotland in preparation for the switch from analogue to digital landlines

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BT is holding more than 40 events across Scotland in July and August to raise awareness of the nationwide switch to digital landlines.

The telecom giant wants to inform the public about the phasing out of the old analogue systems. This process will be completed by the end of January 2027.

In every municipality, including rural areas, an event is organised to talk to customers about the changes that fixed lines will undergo in the coming years.

The regional roadshow, from Eyemouth to Stornoway, informs people about the steps they need to take and the support available.

The change, which will see the vast majority of customers make calls over a broadband line, is an upgrade from the increasingly fragile and 40-year-old analogue technology.

At these events, experts will show customers how BT’s new home telephone service Digital Voice works and demonstrate other new products.

Vicky Hicks, senior engagement manager at BT, said: “We will be visiting Scotland throughout July and August to speak to our customers face to face and answer any questions they may have about the vital upgrade from analogue to digital landlines.

“The landline is here to stay, and for most customers the switch will simply mean plugging their phone into a broadband router rather than a wall socket. This brings new benefits, such as advanced spam call blocking. So far we have stopped over 1.2 million scam calls from reaching our customers and flagged over 6.4 million potential nuisance calls.

“Thanks to upgrades to Scotland’s broadband infrastructure, led by BT Group and government partners in some locations, over 96% of Scotland now has access to superfast broadband, with around 42% of the country having access to BT’s full fibre broadband. This means the vast majority of our customers will not notice a significant difference to their service when they make the switch.”

BT recently announced an update to the plan for transitioning all Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) customers to digital fixed lines, with a range of improvements to better protect vulnerable customers and customers with additional needs, including telecare users.

It also confirmed that customers who identify as vulnerable, have additional needs or use a telecare alert system will not be transferred until spring 2025. This will allow time to agree data sharing agreements with local authorities or telecare companies and make home support available to telecare users.

BT will initially focus on migrating customers who have not used their landline in the last 12 months, encouraging them to take out a digital landline via fibre broadband where available.

The company also announced plans to offer a dedicated fixed-line service for customers who don’t use broadband starting in the fall. Customers will be able to use their fixed line in the same way as they do now until a digital solution is available or 2030, whichever is earlier.

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