Comer says White House doctor was involved in Biden family business

Comer says White House doctor was involved in Biden family business

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer is calling on White House physician Dr. Kevin O’Connor to testify before Congress about President Biden’s mental health and his involvement in the Biden family’s business dealings. Comer, a Kentucky Republican, sent a letter to Dr. O’Connor on Sunday, which was obtained by Fox News Digital. In the letter, Comer raised concerns about O’Connor’s ability to provide impartial medical assessments of the president because of his connections to the Biden family and his involvement with the company Americore.

Comer’s letter follows a June 27 debate performance by President Biden against former President Donald Trump that raised questions about Biden’s health. Comer noted that Americans doubted Biden’s ability to lead the country, prompting the committee to investigate the circumstances surrounding O’Connor’s February assessment of the president. In that assessment, O’Connor described Biden as a “healthy, active, robust 81-year-old man” who was fit to perform the duties of the presidency. Comer pointed out, however, that O’Connor did not recommend a cognitive test for Biden.

The Oversight Committee is concerned that O’Connor’s medical judgments may have been influenced by his private business dealings with the Biden family. Comer revealed that the committee has evidence that O’Connor is involved with Americore Health, LLC, along with President Biden’s brother, James Biden. Americore, which operates rural hospitals, has been under investigation as part of the committee’s impeachment inquiry into the president, specifically regarding James Biden’s work with the company.

While he was a director at Americore, James Biden received payments totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars. The committee found that in 2018, James Biden received a $200,000 wire transfer from the company, which he then used to write a $200,000 check to his brother, President Biden, marked “loan repayment.” Testimony from Americore employees indicated that James Biden provided no services to the company but promised that his “Biden” name could secure financing from the Middle East.

Carol Fox, a Chapter 11 trustee for Americore, testified that the loan to James Biden was made without documentation in exchange for a promise of Middle Eastern financing that never materialized. She filed a lawsuit against James Biden, alleging that he had claimed his last name could “open doors” and secure a large investment based on his political connections.

During an interview with the committee earlier this year, James Biden said O’Connor gave him advice regarding his alleged work at Americore. James Biden said O’Connor introduced him to a team working on PTSD and alcoholism amid a backlog at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Comer’s letter also highlighted that O’Connor, along with Hunter Biden, attended a meeting with James Biden and the president of a hospital acquired by Americore. Meanwhile, the White House claims that President Biden has not been examined by a doctor since February. However, during a call with Democratic governors last week, Biden himself stated that he had been examined by a doctor and that everything was fine.

Comer expressed concern about the inconsistent statements from the White House press secretary and President Biden about the president’s health. He questioned O’Connor’s ability to provide accurate and independent assessments of the president’s fitness to serve, given his connections to the Biden family.

Comer has requested that O’Connor make himself available for a transcribed interview with the House Oversight Committee by July 14. He has also demanded all documents and communications O’Connor has regarding Americore and James Biden. The request for O’Connor’s cooperation comes amid calls for Biden to suspend his re-election campaign, even from top Democrats, former aides and allies. The White House, however, continues to maintain that President Biden is “absolutely not” considering dropping out of the 2024 presidential race.

“I’m in. I’m the leader of the Democratic Party. Nobody’s going to push me out,” Biden said last week.

Source: Fox News Digital, AP