TGI Group advocates green, digital job creation for sustainable development

TGI Group advocates green, digital job creation for sustainable development

TGI Group has strengthened its commitment to green and digital job creation as part of its strategic HR initiatives.

This was emphasised by TGI Group Director of Group Human Resources, Akinkunle Akinpelu, during the panel “Green and Digital Jobs: Pushing the Boundaries and a Pragmatic Approach to Creating Decent Jobs” at the Nigeria Employers’ Consultative Association (NECA) Summit in Abuja recently.

“TGI is strongly committed to sustainability, which is also a core element of our HR strategy. Over the past five years, we have hired hundreds of young professionals worldwide to address environmental challenges. Our teams work on projects ranging from reforestation and water management to energy conservation initiatives,” said Akinpelu.

TGI Group is also making significant progress in the area of ​​digital transformation.

“We are continually using world-class solutions to rethink our processes where necessary. This digital shift not only improves efficiency, but also empowers a new generation of professionals to bring fresh solutions and perspectives.”

Akinpelu highlighted TGI’s innovative approach and highlighted the group’s efforts to generate renewable energy. “Our 250,000 metric ton rice mill in Argungu, Kebbi State, is fossil-free. We also recycle rice husks to generate energy. By 2025, several of our mills will follow the same path, reducing carbon emissions and promoting cleaner air,” he added.

The panel, which included Mr. Olasunkanmi Adenuga, Managing Director of Workforce Nigeria; Dr. Afiz Oluwatoyin, Managing Director of DG Industrial Training Fund (ITF); Dr. Vanessa Phala, Director of International Labour Organization (ILO) Abuja; Dr. Eugene Itua, Managing Director of Natural Eco Capita and Dr. Emmanuel Okeleji, CEO of Seamless HR, highlighted the critical role of green and digital jobs in Nigeria’s economic development.

TGI Group is at the forefront of this movement, demonstrating that economic growth can go hand in hand with environmental awareness and digital innovation.

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