‘Is This A Joke?’ — Singapore Manhunt Contestants Mocked After Similar Treatment of Miss Singapore Contestants

‘Is This A Joke?’ — Singapore Manhunt Contestants Mocked After Similar Treatment of Miss Singapore Contestants

SINGAPORE: Beauty pageants don’t seem to be taken very seriously by many Singaporeans, with contestants often being mocked online. Lately, the mockery has cut both ways, with male contestants being laughed at just as much as female contestants.

For example, when the finalists of the Manhunt Singapore modeling competition for 2024 were announced in a recent MustShare article, Reddit users did not hold back.

Manhunt S’pore 2024 announces finalists, contestants include lawyer, gym owner and music DJ
byu/DrCalFun in Singapore

“What the hell is this joke sia? Where is the invisible button?” wrote one. “What happened to the defaults?” asked another. “So this is the year I should have joined Manhunt and had a good shot at winning,” joked another Reddit user.

When the finalists of the Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant were recently announced, netizens didn’t exactly react kindly.

One commentator said the women “all look like coffee house aunts.”

A YouTube commenter asked: “Are these the best things Singapore has to offer? We should focus on things we are good at, but we are not talents in beauty and sports.”

Others seemed to think the finalists’ video was a parody, in other words, not to be taken seriously. “So… where are the finalists? This appears to be a video of random women… Is this a prank video?” one asked.

One commentator called the finalists a “disgrace” and said that while other countries in Southeast Asia are “already raising their beauty standards”, Singapore is not.

“We have beautiful girls here in SG… to trust even we Singaporeans will support the girls from other countries to win,” they added. A Reddit user bluntly wrote: “All I can say is that it’s a beauty pageant but none of them are beautiful.”

This unkindness towards the contestants of the beauty pageant led to a new Reddit thread in which the author of the post asked, “Why are we so mean to the contestants of SG Miss Universe every year?”

They argued that the contestants looked better than many others and wondered if “simply genuine jealousy” makes people critical of their appearance. Others disagreed, however, arguing that beauty pageants should have certain standards of beauty.

“When you enter a beauty pageant, your appearance is the subject of criticism,” wrote one Reddit user.

However, you could also say that those who ridicule beauty pageant contestants for their appearance, like other online criticism, are speaking unfiltered, to the point of meanness. They know that their anonymity somehow protects them from negative reactions.

Yet they don’t realize how much damage they’re doing to the candidates. Unfortunately, it also contributes to the general negativity and unfriendliness in online spaces. /TISG

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