MKD demanded that it dare to severely punish DPR members who participate in online gambling

MKD demanded that it dare to severely punish DPR members who participate in online gambling

JAKARTA – The DPR is rapidly investigating a number of its members and employees suspected of being exposed to online gambling. The DPR must prove that it is serious about participating in eradicating the disease of online gambling.

As is known, the Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (PPATK) and the Online Judi Eradication Task Force reported that 60 people in the DPR RI were involved in online gambling. Of them, 2 are suspected to be members of the board and the rest are employees working within the DPR.

Responding to the report, the Honorary Council (MKD) is prepared to conduct an investigation with plans to summon the parties involved to be investigated. The Speaker of the Indonesian House of Representatives, Puan Maharani, also stressed that the names involved in online gambling should be made public.

Subsequently, Commission III of the DPR, in charge of legal affairs, asked the MKD to act swiftly and urged the DPR to cooperate with law enforcement to investigate the involvement of individuals in the DPR in online gambling activities. According to Ari, this request is a natural thing.

“They certainly do not want the image of the Council members as a whole to be damaged by exposure to the misconduct of DPR members involved in online gambling,” political communications expert Ari Junaedi said Tuesday, July 9.

Ari also highlighted the increasingly worrying phenomenon of online gambling (judol). He said that online gambling is now causing various social problems and the impact is very real and has even affected all levels of society.

“The alleged involvement of two members of the DPR as perpetrators of online gambling seems to be a confirmation of the dangers of online gambling that has become a national epidemic. Not only small people, but also representatives of the people can also be affected by gambling,” Ari said.

Political Studies Institute Director Nusakom Pratama found that the inclusion of DPR members on the list of online gamblers as evidence of online gambling is very worrying. For this reason, Ari supports the steps taken by DPR MKD to investigate PPATK reports and the Online Judi Eradication Task Force.

“I can’t imagine it, there are members of the Council who feel honored to be allowed to carry out disrespectful activities. MKD must act quickly and take tough decisions on this issue,” he said.

“If the people’s representatives can be caught gambling online, what will happen to the people they represent? They consider the members of the Council as honorable figures who are role models,” Ari continued.

He added that the DPR’s swift steps in handling this case became a measure or proof of the seriousness of the DPR in “cleaning” its members of moral disease. Ari assessed that the behavior of the 2 members of the council had greatly destroyed the praiseworthy reputations that the DPR had institutionally carried out, so that sanctions were needed that would make them a deterrent.

“Unfortunately, if the image of the DPR is good, as shown by the results of the Kompas Research and Development survey some time ago, it can be negatively affected by embarrassing actions of members of the online gambling commission,” he said.

“Instead of destroying a big tree, the DPR, it would be better for the MKD to amputate one of the branches damaged by the behavior of DPR members who engage in judol,” Ari added.

Ari also called for greater internal oversight and for imposing strict disciplinary measures or sanctions on individuals who tarnish the DPR’s good name.

“With strict sanctions or measures, the public will see that the DPR takes the rules seriously and does not tolerate violations of the law by its members,” said the doctor, who graduated from Padjadjaran University (Unpad).

In addition, Ari emphasized that the involvement of 2 members in online gambling activities did not reflect the entire DPR member. Because only a few people are mentioned who are involved in online gambling.

“We must not forget that this is only the work of certain elements and that this does not represent all members of the DPR,” he explained.

Ari also asked the audience to see the dedication of the DPR, as shown by the swift steps of the MKD and the steadfastness of the leadership of the DPR and other related committees. According to him, this shows the dedication of the DPR to maintaining integrity and transparency.

“It is important that we all see this as a momentum for how the DPR continues to strive to improve itself and enhance the quality of its performance,” Ari said.

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