A rave at Bunnings Warehouse could really happen

A rave at Bunnings Warehouse could really happen

Well, throw some onions on the grill and fry up my sausage, because it looks like the big Australian rave at Bunnings Warehouse is indeed going ahead.

In case you missed the movement behind the event, the idea to host a rave at the iconic Australian venue came about when Sydney DJ Kalia shared a remix of the Bunnings Warehouse jingle on TikTok, with the text “petition to host a massive rave at Bunnings Warehouse” written across the top.

It was a tongue-in-cheek suggestion… until Bunnings responded on its official TikTok account, writing: “We’re bringing the decks 👀👀”.

From there, the idea gained traction when Australian DJ icons Peking Duk and What So Not offered to play a set and further explored the concept on their own social media platforms.

Subsequently, other brands began offering goods and services to make the event possible.

Speaker brand JBL offered some party boxes and Uber offered the artists free rides to the events. If you thought you were going to be hungry and thirsty at the event, don’t worry. Smith Chips said they would be providing chippy snacks and Piccolo Panini bar offered some panini. While Pepsi, Heaps Normal and Rockstar Energy offered drinks.


And of course it wouldn’t be a Bunnings event without a sausage, right?

Maybe the Bunnings are celebrating the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? (Image: What So Not / Instagram)

Now, thanks to a brazen media campaign by Beijing Duk’s Adam Hyde And Ruben Stylesand what is not there Chris Emersonit looks like the Bunnings rave is actually going to be a success.

“We’ve just had our first official conversations with Bunnings,” Chris told the Daily telegram.

“It took a lot longer than I thought, because there is so much bureaucracy about what can and can’t be done. All I can say now is that we are all talking officially, which is a big step forward.

“We’ll see what happens in the coming weeks, and yes, there has to be a sausage sizzle.”

Peking Duk is also on the road to promote the concept.

“Holy God, we really hope the Bunnings rave goes ahead,” Styles told Mumbrella.

“There’s been such a crazy reaction online. Our video that we posted to petition for the rave has over 2 million views and we just really want to make this a reality.”

(Image: Instagram / Peking Duk)

And it turns out Bunnings also wants to have a joke with the concept.

“We’ve loved seeing how Australian music lovers across the country have shared their excitement and enthusiasm for a Bunnings rave on social media. Kaila’s remix of our jingle is amazing and we’ve had some really positive conversations with Peking Duk and What So Not about how we can come together to support and celebrate young local music acts,” the company said in a statement, per Mumbrella.

“We are still working out the details and look forward to sharing more soon.”

HELL YEAH, BROTHER! Fingers crossed it all goes ahead because I can’t wait to boogie down with a snag in hand — onions on the bottom, you know, to make sure it meets official Bunnings rules.