Hunters is the first firm to use the Law Society’s new digital TA6 form

Hunters is the first firm to use the Law Society’s new digital TA6 form

Hunters is the first firm to use the Law Society’s new digital TA6 form
From left to right: Rob Williams, Molly Rae-Beharrell, Aaron Young, Jessica Chappell, Matthew Fenton, Jenna Heath, Oli Hanlon

A York estate agency was the first to use a digital TA6 transfer form, developed jointly by Coadjute and The Law Society.

Supplier Gavin Day used the Law Society-licensed Digital TA6 after being asked to do so by his agency Hunters. However, the transaction has not yet been completed.

The new digital form, like the traditional form, is designed to allow a seller to provide the potential buyer with detailed information about his property.

“The process for using the Digital TA6 was clear and quick and I found it very easy,” says Day.

“My real estate agent sent me a link, a lot of information about my home was already pre-filled and although a lot of information is still needed, it took hardly any time.

“I’m already looking forward to the rest of the process, especially if it’s this easy.”

Coadjute is one of the leading platforms at the forefront of improving and accelerating the property sales process through its technology. The digital TA6 was developed in collaboration with The Law Society.

According to Hunters and Coadjute, the new form is a major step forward in the efficiency and accuracy of real estate transactions. It promises to streamline the process of onboarding clients, registering properties, listing the property and transferring ownership.

“This is expected to set a new standard in the industry,” their joint statement said.

Game changer

Jenna Heath (main photo, second from right), Sales Manager at Hunters Estate Agency Yorksays: “The Coadjute Digital TA6 product is truly a game-changer.

“It took minutes for me to start the process with the seller. Within an hour or so they returned a completed TA6, licensed by the Law Society, ready to send to the conveyancers who arranged the deal, once they were instructed.

“The benefit is that by taking this step we comply with National Trading Standards and have all the information we need to market the property.

“I’m so excited about what this means in terms of time savings for the team and the likelihood that we’ll significantly reduce transaction times and failed transactions.”

Rob Smit

Rob Smith, MD of Hunterssays: “Coadjute’s Digital TA6 product represents a significant advancement in the buying and selling process”.