Quick action by homeowner prevents dog-caused stove fire

Quick action by homeowner prevents dog-caused stove fire

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KXRM) — A Colorado Springs homeowner was able to extinguish a fire that started when a curious dog accidentally turned on a stovetop in the early morning hours, setting items on the range on fire.

According to the Colorado Springs Fire Department (CSFD), it all started around 4:45 a.m. on Wednesday, June 26, on the southeast side of Colorado Springs. CSFD firefighters responded to a possible structure fire in the 1600 block of Rushmore Drive.

When crews arrived, they found no active fire or smoke; however, they did find evidence of a fire. The homeowner was able to extinguish the flames before crews arrived, but he was taken to the hospital to be evaluated for smoke inhalation.

After speaking with the homeowners and reviewing security footage from the home, CSFD determined that the family dog ​​had jumped on the oven and accidentally turned on a burner on the stove where boxes had been left. The burner ignited the boxes, causing a fire that triggered a high heat warning on the family’s Apple HomePod.

CSFD took the opportunity to remind the community of the importance of using smoke alarms, keeping the stove free of combustibles, and having at least two ways to escape from every room in the home.

As for the mischievous pup and his owners, fortunately none of the two- or four-legged friends in the family were injured.