Two underage sisters die from electrocution

Two underage sisters die from electrocution

Devastated father took ambulance to three hospitals, refusing to believe they were dead


A man was shocked and devastated when his two minor daughters suddenly died from an electric shock in their home in the town of Surjani.

Muhammad Hussain’s daughters, seven-year-old Iqra and 10-year-old Minahal, were playing in the yard of their small house in Surjani Town when they accidentally touched the water engine wire, which had been slightly torn off. They collapsed in front of Hussain, leaving him in a panic.

Hussain, a rickshaw driver by profession, kept taking his daughters from one hospital to another because he did not believe doctors’ statements that the girls were dead, an Edhi Foundation spokesperson quoted the ambulance driver as saying.

“No! They just fainted from shock, you have to watch them carefully,” Hussain told the doctors, the ambulance driver said. Eventually he took Hussain to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital where a senior doctor treated him with emphasis and gentleness, explaining that the children had died.

The deceased girls were identified as seven-year-old Iqra and 10-year-old Minahal.

According to Surjani Town police station SHO Akhlaq Ahmad, the deceased sisters were electrocuted by the water pump cable while they were playing at home.

He further said that the wire of the water pump was torn and the girls accidentally caught hold of the wire, causing both girls to faint due to electric shock. They were taken to the hospital, where doctors confirmed their death. He said that the father of the deceased sisters is a rickshaw driver.