Second Annual Hollywood Climate Summit Takes a Stand for Sustainability with 100% Vegan Catering, Compostable Goods and Local Partnerships

Second Annual Hollywood Climate Summit Takes a Stand for Sustainability with 100% Vegan Catering, Compostable Goods and Local Partnerships

The Hollywood Climate Summit concluded its second consecutive year as a fully vegan event, cementing its status as an international leader in sustainable practices within the entertainment industry. From June 24-28, 2024, industry leaders and environmentalists gathered to discuss climate action while enjoying a culinary experience focused on ethical choices and local flavors.

Innovative vegan offerings

Each day began with a grazing table featuring an array of innovative vegan offerings. Rebel Cheese and Prime Roots provided delicious meat and cheese alternatives, while fresh, locally sourced produce from Food Access LA, via the Hollywood Farmers Market, supported community farmers and reduced the carbon footprint. Simple Mills’ gluten-free seed crackers added a delicious crunch, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Beverage options promoted wellness and immunity, with Better Booch, Cha Tea, Remedy Organics Shakes, Just Ice Tea and Om Mushroom Coffee. These refreshing choices were tailored to diverse preferences and health-conscious participants.

Rebel Cheese and Prime Roots

Charcuterie board from Rebel Cheese and Prime Roots Thanks to Hollywood Climate Summit

Commitment to compostable goods

In a major step towards sustainability, all service items at the summit were compostable, underscoring a commitment to minimizing environmental impact and promoting responsible waste management practices. Water flowed from Bevi’s fully customizable vending machines into reusable R-cups, which were collected and stored for pick-up after the event. Earth Angels managed all waste, ensuring proper sorting, processing and post-event disposal on-site.

Local partnerships and ethical dining

Highlighting Los Angeles’ vibrant vegan culinary scene, the summit partnered with local restaurants like Cena Vegan, Hey Sunshine Kitchen, The Moody Vegan, Monty’s, and Just What I Kneaded. These establishments showcased their expertise and cultural innovations in plant-based cuisine, further illustrating the city’s commitment to sustainability and ethical dining.

Monty's Good Burger

Monty’s Good Burger Thanks to Hollywood Climate Summit

Snacks without packaging

The Summit introduced a package-free snack from ReGrocery, providing attendees with sustainable snack options that align with eco-friendly principles and promote a circular economy.

Chris Tucker, President of Food and Beverage, said, “The Hollywood Climate Summit continues to be a benchmark for sustainability in our industry, showing that conscious choices can be both impactful and enjoyable. By adopting a vegan menu, using compostable products, partnering with local vegan restaurants and introducing innovative snacks from ReGrocery, we are collectively contributing to a healthier planet and supporting local communities. Our goal is to show people that it is possible. It is possible to make an impact with your food and beverage programs at major summits, climate-related or not. When you serve people high-quality, delicious meals, no one misses what they are not being served and focuses on the abundance they are being given.”

The Summit’s commitment to ethical dining and sustainable practices reflects the event’s mission to inspire positive change and environmental stewardship among leaders in the entertainment industry and beyond.

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