Bizarre homes reveal the future of life

Bizarre homes reveal the future of life

‘Kidman Lane’ by architectural firm Plus Minus Design is a winner of the 2024 NSW Architecture Awards. Photo: Clinton Weaver

From sea to city, these are the properties reshaping the way we see the Australian home.

An eclectic mix of properties from regional and urban environments has taken out top honours at the Australian Institute of Architects 2024 NSW Architecture Awards

The winners included an ‘anomaly’ home in a narrow city alley and a modular home in a triangular block.

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‘Blok Belongil’ by architectural firm Blok Modular with Vokes and Peters is a modular house on a triangular block. Photo: Christopher Frederick Jones

Adam Haddow, chapter chair and national president-elect of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects, said sustainability and housing remained the “two greatest challenges of our time” – themes raised by many of the 82 winners and awards named across 19 residential and public realm categories.

“This year’s award-winning projects show just how exciting the future is,” said Mr Haddow.

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Here are the prize winners in the Residential Architecture – House (new) category.

Winners of the 2024 NSW ARCHITECTURE PRIZE

Kidman Lane by Plus Minus Design

‘Kidman Lane’ rethinks housing design in tight spaces. Photo: Clinton Weaver

Kidman Lane was described by the jury of architects and real estate experts as “both an anomaly and a perfect match”.

The Paddington House was described by the award jury as an anomaly. Photo: Clinton Weaver

It fits in with the urban environment. Photo: Clinton Weaver

It also creates a sense of space inside. Photo: Clinton Weaver

A breath of fresh air in the heart of the city. Photo: Clinton Weaver

Floor to ceiling connection to the outside world. Photo: Clinton Weaver

Nestled among the tightly packed terraces of Paddington, the tiny house fits easily into the streetscape despite its modern design. But it offers something its more traditional neighbours don’t: a sense of openness and grandeur in a suburb dominated by tiny houses.

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Blok Belongil from Blok Modular with Vokes and Peters

‘Blok Belongil’ by architectural firm Blok Modular with Vokes and Peters is a winner of the 2024 NSW Architecture Awards. Photo: Christopher Frederick Jones

How do you fit a square peg into a triangular hole? Clever design. Belongil block in Byron Bay challenges assumptions around modular homes, particularly given its triangular location.

The home is located in Belongil Beach and was built by Todd Knaus Construction and Connolly Land Holdings. Photo: Christopher Frederick Jones

It suits the beachside location. Photo: Christopher Frederick Jones

Open-air grandeur. Photo: Christopher Frederick Jones

Welcome to the daylight. Photo: Christopher Frederick Jones

“Factory-built, the detail and resolution far exceed that of a typical house built for the same budget,” wrote the jury. “Blok Belongil presents an exciting alternative for the future.”

Barn House by Breakspear Architects

Breakspear Architects’ ‘Shed House’ is a winner of the 2024 NSW Architecture Awards. Photo: Tom Ferguson

The jury called the Earlwood house an ‘alternative housing model for our suburbs’. It was designed for a family furniture business and includes a convertible workshop on the ground floor.

The Earlwood home was built by AM Custom Builders. Photo: Tom Ferguson

A central courtyard lets in the light. Photo: Tom Ferguson

The house is a unique solution for a working family. Photo: Tom Ferguson

It has unique interiors. Photo: Tom Ferguson

Earthy ambiance in the heart of the house. Photo: Tom Ferguson

On the first floor, living spaces are arranged around a central courtyard, with bedrooms at each corner, while windows to all rooms at the front and rear could be repeated on a larger scale in a suburban setting in “a new kind of terraced house arrangement”, the jury wrote.

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Maitland Bay House by Studio Bright

Studio Bright’s ‘Maitland Bay House’ won the Wilkinson Award at the 2024 NSW Architect Awards. Photo: Rory Gardiner

The Killcare Heights house was built by Cochran Constructions Pty Ltd. Photo: Rory Gardiner

Brickwork blends in with surrounding shrubs. Photo: Rory Gardiner

Breathtaking views show the ocean below. Photo: Rory Gardiner

An informal garden is inviting. Photo: Rory Gardiner

The sheer beauty of nature. Photo: Rory Gardiner

Connected to the Central Coast environment, this Maitland Bay home blends into the angophoras and cliffs with its subtle design and bushfire-resistant brick construction, while offering cosy ocean views. The home was awarded the Wilkinson Award.

Clifton House by Anthony Gill Architects

Anthony Gill Architects’ ‘Clifton House’ is an award winner in the 2024 NSW Architecture Awards. Photo: Rory Gardiner

Glass fibre clad greenhouses create an otherworldly feel. Photo: Rory Gardiner

Two stories have a unique relationship. Photo: Rory Gardiner

A swinging entrance. Photo: Rory Gardiner

The house makes the most of its location. Photo: Rory Gardiner

The North Bondi house was built by Robert Plumb Build. Photo: Rory Gardiner

The unique Bondi home has a first floor of bedrooms and glass fibre clad greenhouses that create an “otherworldly environment”, wrote the judges. Skylights bring the greenhouse effect to the ground floor.