Embracing Ecological Sustainability: Innovations in Apartment Complex Maintenance

Embracing Ecological Sustainability: Innovations in Apartment Complex Maintenance

Commercial and condominium cleaning contracts are probably some of the most difficult to fulfill. With cost and visual impact being the proportionally dominant factors in choosing a service provider, expectations for property management are understandably high. Savvy cleaning and maintenance companies are looking to technology to enhance their ability to serve and provide for their clients. As the importance of environmental sustainability is increasingly recognized, many companies are also striving to integrate environmentally friendly practices into their operations.

A major challenge in the condominium industry is the diversity of needs across different buildings and communities. Unlike commercial properties, where environmental standards such as LEED and BOMA certifications are well established, condominiums often lag behind in adopting sustainable practices. This presents a unique opportunity for service providers to educate and influence condo boards and property managers on the benefits of environmentally friendly solutions.

According to Andrew Hood, Vice President of Innovation Building Maintenance, the goal is not only to provide cleaning and construction services, but also to improve environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards in their operations.

Building residents enjoy the day“We can shift the narrative from simply hiring a cleaning service to choosing a partner that is committed to environmental stewardship,” he explains. “This approach is particularly relevant for condominium boards and property managers, who may not have sustainability as high on their agenda as their commercial counterparts.”

Cleaning Schedules and Bluetooth Tracking

Innovation is also a leader in using technology and industry standards to provide better service. One of their standout innovations is their use of the Mero system, an advanced technology that tracks and optimizes employee tasks. This system uses Bluetooth beacons placed in electrical outlets to scan cleaners’ fobs, providing real-time data on their location and activity. This not only ensures that tasks are completed on schedule, but also improves transparency and accountability. Furthermore, this data can be used to refine cleaning routines and improve overall service quality.

“With Mero we have seen an active increase in our growth potential with new customers and certainty in supporting existing contracts. We had an issue at one of our sites where cleaners were not following their routine. Thanks to Mero’s technology we were able to highlight the exact areas where cleaners were spending time and change the dynamics of the property. We can now provide an improved quality of service,” Hood explains.

Another exciting development is the use of robotic vacuums and scrubbers. While these are currently more suited to open commercial spaces, the technology is developing rapidly. The company is at the forefront of these developments, testing new robotics and incorporating them into their service offering as they become viable for residential use.

Water Conservation Initiatives

Water conservation is another key area where Innovation Building Maintenance has made great strides. “We partnered with a company to reduce water usage in buildings by replacing standard urinals with waterless urinals,” said Tahsin Bondokji, President of Business Development. “This is a new patented technology that we are excited to offer to our customers.”

To date, Innovation has deployed waterless urinal facilities in major shopping malls across Canada, including Yorkdale and Scarborough Town Centre. The urinals significantly reduce water usage, demonstrating a practical application of sustainability in high-traffic areas. This technology is now being considered for residential buildings, further bridging the gap between commercial and residential sustainability practices.

Third-party auditors such as EcoVadis and Green Seal certify all chemicals Innovation uses as safe, minimizing environmental impact.

“EcoVadis is the world’s largest external ESG auditor,” says Bondokji. “In our first year of auditing, we got a bronze medal. We’re very proud of that.”

Building-Maintenance-PersonnelAdditionally, Innovation Building Maintenance uses ionized water for cleaning, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals while still delivering effective results. This method involves charging water molecules to create a powerful cleaning agent, a technology that is both innovative and environmentally friendly.

They use vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters and low noise levels to reduce noise pollution and improve indoor air quality. Their attention to detail underlines their holistic approach.

Innovation Building Maintenance has also partnered with Veritree to launch a tree planting initiative aimed at reforesting areas affected by wildfires. Since its inception in 2023, a total of 20,571 trees have been planted in British Columbia. Such programs not only offset the company’s carbon footprint but also engage the community.

By educating board members and property managers on the benefits of these initiatives, Innovation helps create a cultural shift toward more sustainable living. Their ground-up approach with advanced cleaning methods, water conservation, and sophisticated tracking systems positions them as a leader in the industry.

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