Top 10 Science Fiction Book Series to Read in 2024 – Destructoid

Top 10 Science Fiction Book Series to Read in 2024 – Destructoid

If you’re looking to choose a science fiction book series to read in 2024, you’ll have to choose from a long list of both modern and classic titles.

Committing to a standalone book and doing the same for a series is different. The latter requires a lot more resources, since a series usually consists of three or more titles. If you decide to invest your time in one, you’ll have to go all the way. Not all collections are worth the time and energy, but the seven science fiction book series mentioned on this list deserve their place.

10 Best Science Fiction Book Series to Read in 2024

For this list, I focused on relatively newer series rather than classics. There is plenty of classic literature in sci-fi series that can be worthwhile. However, I chose to focus more on the relatively newer series, as they often deserve more discussion.

Dune cover
Image via Penguin Random House

Frank Herberts Dune series is the oldest entry in terms of release years. This sci-fi book series has gained a new level of popularity, all thanks to the Dune 1 and 2 films. However, the books are much more detailed (very natural) and cover the main and subplots in more depth. The main series has three books that form the original trilogy, but there have been additional entries in the form of God Emperor of Dune, Heretics of DuneAnd Chapter House DuinThe books are available as single copies and trilogies.

'Wool' cover from the Silo book series
via William Morrow Paperbacks

I’ll be honest – I first heard of the books from the Apple TV series (which is fantastic in its own right). Silo trilogy, written by Hugh Howey, is a grim take on a post-apocalyptic world where humanity survives in, of course, silos. The outside world is supposed to be dangerous and uninhabitable, and yet some are willing to break the rules to get outside. Thus begins the battle between laws and humanity’s desire to break them (even at dire costs).

Pines Trilogy
Image via Pan Books

The Stray pines trilogy is one of my all time favorite science fiction book series. Blake Crouch uses his writing skills to write an amazing plot that is a mix of time travel, post apocalypse and creatures. At first things seem fun and cheerful until Secret Service agent Ethan Burke starts to question his reality. Thus begins his quest to expose the conspiracy, but the truth can sometimes be too much of a burden and to such an extent that it can destroy reality itself. All three books are a great read, full of adrenaline and lots of action.

Red Rising saga five books
Image via Amazon

Red Rising Saga is one of those rare science fiction series that can be worth reading at any time. I didn’t know what to expect when I got my hands on the first book, but I had no idea it would become a favorite. Pierce Brown makes you want to root for Darrow, who has been on the receiving end of an unjust system. The whole Red Rising Sagaconsisting of six books, shows that human greed for power will be omnipresent – ​​both on Earth and in space – but that people will always rebel if they are treated harshly.

Three-body problem
Image via Heads of Zeus

If you are a lover of science and all its concepts (some of which usually escape me), The three-body problem trilogy is a perfect match. Cixin Liu’s works have been translated into English, and the Netflix series has ushered in a new popularity for the trilogy. Not only do the three books provide more depth to the plot, but readers don’t have to rely on Netflix to know what happens after the first season. Publishers Heads of Zeus have also launched a new box set, which is widely available worldwide.

Children of the time
Image via Pan Books

The Children of the time trilogy is one of the latest works to be included on this list for the best sci-fi series of 2024. I love Tchaikovsky’s writing style for his clear way of explaining even the most complex concepts, and the first book of this series is a perfect example. While all three books are interconnected, you can also read them as standalones. The plot is relatively simple compared to some of the other sci-fi book series on this list. I really liked the underlying theme of the series, and the books are definitely worth your time.

The Eextension became the first sci-fi book series where I ended up buying the entire set (a challenging task, as there are ten books in total). If you’re starting this grand space opera in 2024, there are plenty of box sets available from Orbit. From political conspiracies to a mysterious organic agent that leaves death in its wake, The vastness has something for everyone. There is also an Amazon Prime Video series, but the books are easier to follow and enjoy.

Neuromancer cover
Image via Penguin Random House

The expansion Trilogy is certainly one of the older sci-fi book series since they were written in the 80s. However, William Gibson’s writings have always remained a source of entertainment for anyone who enjoys futuristic concepts surrounding computers. Interestingly enough, all three books – Neuromancer, count zeroAnd Monalisa overdrivecan be enjoyed as standalone titles. However, they all share the same universe, overlapping characters, and subtle similarities in plots.

An image from Scythe Trilogy
Image via Walker Books

by Neil Shusterman Scythe trilogy is set in a future where humanity has managed to conquer all mortals. However, the population must be kept in balance and the Scythedom must ensure that people receive their destiny. Citra and Rowan’s journeys begin as mere apprentices to join the Scythedom, and what begins as a suicide soon reveals a deeper conspiracy. A fourth book featuring stories from the world of Scythe is also available for those who wish to extend their enjoyment.

An image from the Foundation series
Image via Harper Voyager

The Foundation is one of the immortal works in the world of sci-fi book series. In fact, the seven-title series is widely considered to be Asimov’s best works of all time. Interestingly enough, the series can be enjoyed as a trilogy, consisting of the first three novels – Foundation, Foundation and State, And Second Foundation. After the first three titles, four more parts will follow. Although it is difficult to summarize the plot in a few sentences, you can expect an exciting mix of politics, grand conspiracy and action in all seven titles.

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