Mills Announces Elimination of Government Subsidies to Selected Maine Businesses

Mills Announces Elimination of Government Subsidies to Selected Maine Businesses

On Tuesday, Gov. Janet Mills (D-Maine) announced the recipients of $2.9 million in domestic trade grants for Maine businesses aimed at increasing their sales across the state, with the grants giving heavy favoritism to companies that produce “sustainable,” high-end artisanal products.

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These grants include funds for a company that sells six-ounce cans of eel for $40, another company that sells scallops for $60 a pound, and a company that sells only canned blueberries.

“These investments will help Maine manufacturers of everything from soap to surfboards effectively market their products, create jobs and strengthen Maine’s economy,” said Governor Mills.

The program, which is primarily intended to expand the customer base of local Maine businesses, has also awarded $100,000 in taxpayer money to the Maine Chamber of Commerce for a “multicultural seafood promotion” in Lowell, Massachusetts.

Another $100,000 was awarded to Maine and Co., a consulting firm that specializes in working with companies in the aquaculture and forestry sectors. Notably, Maine and Co. features a photo of its employees posing with Mills on its homepage, but the extent of the firm’s prior relationship with Mills is unclear.

Other companies include Kennebec River Biosciences, which vaccinates fish, Grain Surfboards, which sells “sustainable” surfboards, and the Blue Ox Malthouse, which proudly promotes diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programs.

Not all companies sell sustainable artisanal products aimed at affluent consumers, nor do they promote DEI.

A few companies sell products for the average Maine resident, such as wood pellets, local agricultural products, and building materials. However, these companies are largely subordinate to companies that sell products aimed at the upper class or that promote Mills’ climate agenda.

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One company, Maine Community Power, which focuses primarily on solar energy, received $98,000 from the program.

Earlier this year, in February, Mills donated over $3 million to 40 companies as part of the same program.

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